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Strategic Advisory

Transform your talent function from one that emphasizes process to one that prioritizes the needs of your people.

  • Talent Department Diagnostic (People, Process, Technology)
  • Technology Evaluation Guidance
  • People Analytics & Reporting

“TalentEXP has been a valuable partner throughout our transformation. They are knowledgeable, supportive, and dependable. We would not have been able to make as much progress as we have if it wasn’t for talentEXP.”

Robin Dagostino, Branding & Marketing Director at Boston Consulting Group (BCG)​


Talent Operations Optimization & Delivery

Optimize your talent operations with our deep consulting expertise to deliver a best-in-class talent experience.

  • Process Alignment & Optimization
  • Recruiter and Hiring Manager Training
  • Communications and Change Management
  • Operational Support

“Having implemented Phenom with and without the services of talentEXP, I can tell you I would never implement HR tech without them. The amount of time saved, the ease that they bring to the implementation process, and the trust that we are doing it right the first time are second to none.”

Shaunda Zilich, Marriott International (quoted while at


HR Tech Implementation and Optimization Services

Phenoms TXM platform helps you get the most from your talent. But who is helping you get the most from Phenom? Augment your staff with our team of Phenom-certified talent acquisition strategy, project management and technical professionals. We can engage before you sign a contract and will stay on as long as you need us.

  • Technical Consulting
  • Content Strategy
  • Project Management

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