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About TalentEXP

Ed Newman, Founder & CEO TalentEXP

A Message From our founder

During my eight years as the Chief Evangelist for Phenom People, we led the shift in our industry from a focus on process efficiency to an obsession with delivering a better experience.  

It has also become evident that transforming a corporate talent acquisition function into a talent experience operation requires a considerable amount of change management and professional services.

For that reason I decided to start TalentEXP, a specialized consulting firm dedicated to helping corporations with their talent experience initiatives.

Whether you need assistance optimizing your operation, additional resources to support an implementation, or strategic services to transform, TalentEXP has the expertise to ensure you will achieve your objectives.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you.

Our Leadership Team

Eric Winegardner, Principal Consultant

Stephen Schwander, Principal Consultant

Bob Newman, Consulting  Director           

Amy Schwenck-Lewis, Vice President of Growth